katherine scott furniture maker
Specialist in the design and construction of fine contemporary furniture to commission.
Other services include bespoke reception and office furniture, computer workstations,
TV and stereo cabinets, bookcases and custom-built kitchens.

tables and desks
storage, bedroom, kitchen, retail, corporate, miscellaneous

Katherine was born in Northern Ireland in 1965, and educated in Scotland. She studied at Rycotewood College of Furniture, in Oxfordshire for 3 years, graduating with an HNC in Design Crafts. She subsequently worked for cabinet makers in London, America and Australia, before moving to Edinburgh in 1991.

In 1994 Katherine started her own business as a Furniture Maker, making one-off pieces for private and corporate clients from all corners of the UK. Katherine has chosen to work alone to ensure consistency of furniture quality and total customer satisfaction. From the simplest to the most complicated commission, she works closely with each client so that a design fits every requirement and that it is completed within the specified timescale and budget.

For further information, a 'no-commitment' chat, or to view the full portfolio of work, please contact by telephone or e-mail.

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